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Benefits of treated water in your home:

  • Health: Filtering potentially harmful impurities (bacteria, lead, cysts, etc.) can help prevent the spread of water-borne illnesses
  • Cost-effective: Filtered water is more cost-effective than bottled water and reduces the environmental impact on our landfills
  • Improved taste: Coffee, tea, and foods prepared with filtered water taste better
  • Softer skin and hair: Hard water can leave your skin and hair dry; treated water can prevent this
  • Easier home maintenance: Hard water and other contaminants can leave rust stains, mineral deposits, and film on your fixtures, shower walls, sinks, toilet, etc
  • Longer appliance life: Mineral deposits in coffee makers, water heaters, washing machines, and other appliances decrease their effectiveness and shorten appliance life
  • Cleaner laundry: If it’s in the water, it’s on your clothes. Filtered/treated water makes whites and colors come out cleaner and brighter

Enjoy the benefits of having a green home with having a Whole House Water Treatment Equipment from Pentair Water

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Why Should I Treat My Water?

Water is an essential part of your life and home. Treating water has many benefits to your health, home, and budget.

We Provide Financing:

  • Starting as Low as 4.9 APR
  • Up to 24 Months No Interest
  • 6 Months No Payments and No Interest:
  • Payments as Low as $59/Month

It's NEVER too Late to start enjoying:

  • Better Health
  • Better Quality of Life
  • Savings that will exceed your current expense associated with having hard and untreated water